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Anonymous asked : Why? What's with Youkyung?

originally drummer of band subgroup of aoa > aoa ditches band concept > YK isn’t mentioned much & no news (seriously just go check her tag it hasn’t been updated in months). I don’t follow them that well but she was pretty cool

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Anonymous asked : I didn't meant that fnc's existence is bad, but they could make it better, like give some vacation days and schedule various activities for every idols

Until recently they have actually been doing fine giving them some time between activities, but overall I agree. A few more days in-between wouldn’t hurt.

It’s not cnb related, but honestly the first person I thought of when I read this was Youkyoung (AOA).

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012114 CN Blue: Blue Moon Tour in NYC © myungluhan
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Anonymous asked : You know, it's bad that fnc is being a bitch and making yong do all the work, even if he's tired and it hurts looking at him, but there is nothing we can do about it, fnc will continue their bitchy existence by swiming in money baths...
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Anonymous asked : I have a theory why FNC is overworking YH cause in a couple years time, they have to enlist him in the military and popularity usually declines greatly after the stars gets discharged so they're trying to build up YH's name since he is in demand now so he along with the band won't be forgotten. It's wrong of FNC to it this way but I think instead of fuming and possibly causing friction in the fandom, we as fans should just send support to the boys to let them know we've got their backs ☺️
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insidyos asked : what's wrong? ): it's been awhile since I've tuned into CNBLUE news, did something happen with jonghyun? :s

first off to make things clear, i don’t hate yong. he isn’t the one to blame.

second it’s more like things just keep building up and it just gets more and more frustrating to tolerate. i know it’s all part of their job, but still there should be a limit to how far this can progress. we just don’t know where that limit is.

  • cnblue were going to have another full album later this year, but due to yong’s drama it is postponed until next year. that’s okay. their workload is large enough as it is. but it seems like acting is starting to take over their band career.
  • today they made an announcement that yong will have a private fanmeeting in Japan. His fanmeeting only. Without the other members.
  • one issue is that the fm is before his album will be released, meaning it’s not to sign his solo album cd’s or promote his songs or anything. it’s just a fm for him alone.
  • the other issue is that because cnblue is a band, it’s showing complete bias for one of the members. fnc isn’t even trying to hide it. they are milking yong for money.
  • their health. jong has had a bad cold for the past couple of days and yong is constantly busy with both album preparations and filming for the drama. they need rest, especially yong, but when the boy can be raking in money they don’t give a shit and keep giving him schedule after schedule.
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There is no “fnc family”. CDD111 was just as scripted as WGM to get the CEO’s face out there. If you really think all those things were natural, you have to wake up and smell the roses. Some people don’t realize FNC is just as shitty as the other big companies.

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Go Your Way
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Jjonggasms Jonghyun on Go your way teaser

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How I pump gas


How I pump gas

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